I love football. Specifically, Rugby League. It has been my life-long dream to play in the NRL and I have learned so much and love it even more. Fulfilling that dream has been a real journey and I have gained so many things along the way. One of the things I gained was training in graphic design. During my studies I discovered a passion for the creative arts which also ran to photography and fashion. As my journey continued, my skills branched and expanded and so did my dreams and my family.
I love family. My family have supported me throughout my whole life and even more throughout my struggles to achieve my dream in the NRL. My name, Watene-Zelezniak is from a rich heritage. My whole family is proud to carry it. My brother, Dallin, who has shared so much with me including the dream to play in the NRL and our proud lineage, has joined with me to combine our name with my passion for creativity.
We wanted to provide more than just fashion accessories, we are about family. We want to invite you to join us, knowing that we would only provide the best for our family, we’d love for you to wear our name with pride. Like we do.