We are excited to roll out our new range of watches within the next coming months. Over the next few weeks we will be updating you on all our features and the steps in making this design come to life.

Quality that defines w zelezniak


All W ZELEZNIAK timepieces are manufactured in 316L stainless steel, the same steel used to make surgical equipment that’s ultra-resistant and never oxidizes. Plus, our stainless steel’s low carbon content makes it particularly resistant to corrosion from acids typically found in the ocean and in perspiration. So you work up a sweat without a worry. 


A watch’s “movement” is often described as the heart of a watch. Switzerland sets the standard by which all other watches are judged. Excellence in craftsmanship and watchmaking is a large component of the Swiss national identity. This is why W ZELEZNIAK has chosen to use a SWISS Made Movement, offering our customers the absolute best.


Sapphire Glass is the most expensive of all watch crystals. This allows superior scratch resistance, only Moissanite (9.25) and Diamonds (10) exceed its hardness ranking of (9) on the MOHS scale. Our Sapphire Crystal Glass comes with an Anti-Reflective Coating. This ensures the best clarity and makes the crystal seem to disappear. 

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