Women’s Gold Watches

Women’s Gold Watches

Exuding confidence and style, a timeless gold watch is both an everyday accessory and a statement piece of jewellery. In the traditional jewellery colour, women’s gold watches have spiked in popularity for their timelessness and unique style. 

Gold is a versatile colour and our range of women’s gold watches complements and blends seamlessly with your existing jewellery — no matter the colour. Combining both design and functionality, our range of gold watches has many unique styles at affordable prices. 

Women’s gold watches from W Zelezniak

From black or white sunray-style dials and stainless steel wristbands with classic or mesh links, our women’s watches embody a perfect balance of femininity and sturdiness without being bulky and unattractive. 

With four classy gold markers at each quarter, the Array watch embodies true simplicity and style. For a more traditional look, the Jupiter and Saturn varieties include roman numerals with classy crystal detail embedded in the watch face. The most intricate of the women’s gold watches in our collection is the Sunflower watch. Featuring a white dial with a scallop sun-ray texture and twelve Swarovski crystals, this watch is our best-selling gold watch. If you’re looking to buy women’s gold watches, W Zelezniak has something for every unique style. 

Waterproof technology and precise timekeeping

Requiring minimal maintenance, our women’s gold watches use the Swiss Quartz movement for very accurate time-telling. 

In addition to their precise timekeeping, the sapphire crystal glass face on our watches is covered in an anti-reflective and anti-scratch protective coating to keep your gold watch looking as good as new over years to come.  

Your number one place to buy women’s gold watches online

We believe in the confidence and power that a well-made and stylish watch can bring, which is why we are committed to producing aesthetically pleasing yet functional women’s gold watches. Browse our range online today and contact us to find out more about our high-quality men’s and women’s watches.