Men’s Statement Watches

Do you want to make an impression with a sleek and stylish wrist watch? The Zelezniak statement collection is designed to pack a punch in a classy and elegant package. Featuring oversized logos, strong colour combinations, and high-quality materials, these statement watches have a brave and bold personality that's impossible to ignore.


W Zelezniak is the brainchild of the Watene-Zelezniak brothers. After fulfilling their dream in the NRL and rising to the top of the rugby league pack, the brothers decided to branch out into the world of fashion. W Zelezniak is the result of passion and opportunity, with the boys sharing their love of creativity and design with this exciting new watch collection.


Standout designs

The Watene-Zelezniak brothers are known for their presence on the field. The Zelezniak statement collection distils this spirit and delivers it with a sense of honesty and integrity. Both strong and sophisticated, both elegant and stylish, these statement watches are sure to leave an impression. From evening dates to club nights and formal events, statement designs are about delivering your message with confidence and leaving your mark on the crowd.

High-quality designs and materials

At W Zelezniak, we believe in precision, sophistication, and courage. Our timekeeping products are designed with integrity and manufactured with high-quality materials. From the genuine leather and stainless steel straps to the Swarovski crystals and sapphire crystal glass, everything works together with a sense of conviction. Our design is modern, our style is bold, and our products are made for people without time to waste.


At W Zelezniak, our men's watches are made with advanced materials. We use Japanese Miyota and Swiss quartz movements, textured dials, and advanced water-resistant materials to create products that stand out from the crowd. We have a range of diverse products, with gold, silver, steel, and leather all available to meet your personal sense of style.


W Zelezniak offers a wide selection of men's statement watches at a great price. Please make an order today or contact our customer representatives to find out more.